About Us

Ever since the first products rolled off the production line in Newark, NJ more than three generations ago, the driving force behind Suncup Juice Inc. has been a tradition of quality. Through revolutions in food service production, nutrition, marketing, packaging and sales the Gregory family has honored this quality tradition while combining technology, innovation and old fashioned know how to become the low cost producer in an extremely competitive market.

Using SUNCUP as a proprietary portion label and GREGPACK as their brand for 12/32 oz concentrates Suncup Juice provides an extensive product offering tailored for Health Care, K-12 Education, Elderly Feeding, Day Care Centers and Prisons. All of our juices are packed to USDA and FDA Grade A standards.

Suncup Juice's processing and packaging warehouses are strategically located in Newark, NJ; Bethlehem, PA; Phoenix, AZ and Newnan, GA. They feature "state of the art facilities" and house in line reconstitution and packaging processes which assure superior quality control and labor saving efficiencies. Quality control is maintained by our Food Technology Staff, with samples continuously pulled and tested for compliance with identity standards, freedom from bacteria and contaminants, fill level and flavor. Samples are then retained for future reference.

Product integrity is of utmost importance as it finally reaches the consumer. Our goal is total satisfaction and confidence in our SUNCUP and GREGPACK labels. We're honoring both a family tradition of quality and a promise to you to be the low cost producer in an extremely competitive market. It's a tall order to fill but one you can count on from Suncup Juice.